The angstrom is a non-SI unit used to express distance and physical quantities such as the size of an atom, the length of a chemical bond and the wavelength of light.

“Angstrom 1995 doo” is a company whose primary activity is the sale of equipment and parts for industrial systems.

The head office of the company “Angstrom” is in Sirig, municipality of Temerin, where the central warehouse is located. The office in Belgrade is at Vitanovačka 1, Voždovac municipality.

The main product groups are:

  • Bearings
  • Oils and lubricants
  • Belting
  • Remenje
  • Industrial chains
  • Filters
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Svetlosna signalizacija
  • Bearings
  • Light signaling.

In addition to these categories, and with the aim to satisfy the needs of customers and solve their problems, we are constantly working on expanding our portfolio.

We always strive for quality, so all our cooperation is aimed at partners from the country and abroad who can provide the best products.

Our partners by category are:

  • Bearings – FKL, FAG/INA
  • Oils and lubricants– Shell, Total
  • Belting– Continental, Optibelt
  • Industrial chains– Iwis
  • Filters– Donaldson, SF Filter, HIFI Filter
  • Personal protective equipment – Lancuna, DD&M
  • Light signaling – WAS, Kramp

In addition to quality products, the main advantages of cooperation with “Angstrom” are the professional service, which always aims to solve the partner’s problems in the shortest possible time. The wide range of products in stock allows us to quickly respond to the needs of the market and enable our partners smooth operation of their industrial systems.

PI Group is a holding company that owns the companies “Angstrom” and “Mikron” from Sirig. The primary activity of “Mikron” is equipment and parts for agricultural machinery, while the primary activity of “Angstrom” is equipment and parts for industrial systems. The main goal of “PI Group” is to provide professional and quality service to the market through the development of people employed in subsidiaries. In addition to these companies, “PI Group” plans to open more subsidiaries that will operate in their respective industries.